California based friends Jorden Bell and Aisha Alkayali want to help YOU to find the best GIFT!

We are determined to make gift giving cool and unique.  Hi! We have been friends for over 15 years and share a love for fashion, style, home, food, family, friends, and entertaining. And most importantly gifting. Our hope is to bring you something we think has been missing…. 

The scoop on what and where to buy the best gifts. Thanks for visiting us! Hope to see you back soon. 

  photos by Jillian Sorkin photography

We pride ourselves on being savvy gift givers. It matters.

We believe that thoughtful people put thought into picking out the perfect gift. The reality is as our circle of friends and family grew bigger we literally started to recognize how hard it is to find time to get just right gift.  Between the birthdays, anniversaries, national holidays, kids’ birthday parties and teacher appreciation week we’re exhausted! In today’s busy world, gifting is tough. Instead of being personal and fun for most it has become stressful and unplanned for all.

Well we’ve set out to change all that. Our goal is to curate the perfect gifts for every occasion. From the gift to the wrapping paper to what to wear to the party.

Welcome to The Gift Pick.


Jorden & Aisha

Welcome to the Gift Pick.

A place to find the gifts you want to give and get for every occasion and person in your life.