We've been obsessed with GOAT-MILK kidware since they launched years ago. Living in New York and on the search to find the best organic cotton shirts for our kids, we stumbled upon this brand and have been fans ever since.  Created from a desire to dress their own children in beautifully crafted, simple clothes and inspired by European classics, they allowed form to follow function and quality to be the foundation on which they built this brand. GOAT-MILK kidware offers a pared down collection of children’s underwear and basics that are made of 100% organic, prewashed cotton and produced with a resolute commitment to quality, fair trade and the environment. 

We caught up with the brands founders Tania and Roland earlier this summer when we saw them at the amazing ShopUp event.  We are so excited to feature this brand in our BRANDS WE LOVE series. Every baby and kid should own some pieces from this brand. Like our kids, it will become their favorite!

How did you launch your brand? By accident. My partner and I have worked together for the past 15 years in the advertising world. Roland as a photographer / creative director and me as an agent and photo producer. One of the art directors we worked with has a mother that imported clothing from Spain and sold them to a few shops on the East Coast. This was a family business going into the 3rd generation. She was ready to retire and wanted her son to continue the business. It was a bit overwhelming for him to do on his own, so he asked if Roland and I would join him. We went from an excercise in branding and really excited about the market to the mother getting cold feet and not ready to give up her business. Roland and I were so excited about the prospect, we decided to do it on our own. (Just before we were going to partner with our friend, the running joke was that whenever Roland traveled to Europe for work, I would make him go to the little boy's department and buy underwear for my son. At that time, there were limited options in the kid clothing world. The need for simple, well made and understated undergarments were lacking at that time, so that's why we decided to do it on our own.)


What inspires you/keeps you inspired? Living in NYC inspires me. There is so much energy, diversity and hope in this city.

What’s the best business advice you were ever given?  That sometimes it's more important to make a product affordable than it is to get your full margin. We do that with the boy's underwear. Which is the best, BTW. It costs us $7.50 landed. Which means it should wholesale for $15 and retail for $30. We sell it exclusively ourselves, on-line for $16. But we feel strongly about this product as it is the cornerstone of our business (really deep thoughts for a pair of underwear, I know). 

What is the biggest lesson you've learned as you run your business? We have learned so many lessons along the way.The biggest one is perseverance. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you have to weather the storm no matter what comes your way. 

Every women should own? A pair of clogs. No6 are my favorite. They are comfortable for being on your feet all day long and they give you a little height too. 

What are your favorite brands? Helmut Lang, Uniqlo, No6, Madewell, A.P.C. 

One item you can't live without? My phone. 

Whats your favorite app? Or app that changed your life? Instagram @goatmilknyc Amazing platform for dicovery and community. 

Favorite place to travel? Montauk.

Happiness is? A day at the beach with friends. 

One tip? Take time to reach out to other business owners and experts in and around your field and build up those relationships. I feel the more we share our experiences the better it is for all of us to succeed.

Your favorite go to gift? A candle from Dyptique or a Comme Des Garcons bag