Photo by Jackie Wonders

Photo by Jackie Wonders

Meet Elle Rowley, the woman behind Solly Baby, the super light wrap used to carry your baby. Closeness, touch, being together and building that bond are so important for your little ones, and these Solly wraps provide comfort to take on your daily life while providing the essentials to your newborn and baby. 

 Elle made the first Solly Baby wrap in 2011 in the sewing nook of a little house in Salt Lake City after the birth of her second child, Solomon (hence the name Solly Baby).

After using migraine-inducing carriers that left her feeling like a packhorse with her first baby, Elle wanted something comfortable and chic to wear, that could not only best meet Solly’s needs, but also enable her to still chase after her toddler as well.

Elle worked while her babies were sleeping and while her husband, Jared, was finishing school – lining the living room with tape as cutting guides, experimenting with fabrics and sewing on her Craigslist serger design a wrap that was functional, beautiful and felt like her.

We were honored when Elle agreed to be featured on our site. We sat down with her to learn more about their brand, what inspires her collections and her favorite go to gifts. 


How did you launch your brand? Solly Baby really began with making  myself a wrap six years ago, falling in love with the experience, and finding every way I could to share it online.

What inspires you? The idea of helping women experience life with their little ones while retaining a sense of their own style and aesthetic at a time when it’s hard to recognize yourself in the mirror.

Favorite Brands? So many!! There are so many female designers in fashion who are killing it right now. I think motherhood used to be seen as something crippling for your career and your sense of style, but that is changing and I am so inspired. I love watching Ulla Johnson, Doen, Mara Hoffman, Jenni Kayne, Christy Dawn, Storq, our children’s line ARQ the list goes on!

Biggest Challenge of running your business? I am an introvert in my own way so the relentless pace of social media and “sharing” can make me want to hide under a rock sometimes. Still, I am so grateful for the way social media has opened up the business world for mothers.

Best advice you've ever been given? Well, Oprah didn’t say this to me specifically :wink: but in a speech she gave years ago she said to align your personality with your purpose and then no one can touch you. That really stirred something in me.

What app changed your life? I’m in the middle of a move and a product launch so right this minute Uber Eats is literally saving my life.

One tip? Be kind to yourself.

Your biggest aha moment? When I realized success is so relative and that I didn’t need to compare my definition with anybody else’s or let anybody else’s define my own.

Happiness is? Chocolate chip cookies! Kidding, but not. They really make me so happy.

Favorite go to gift for your kids, bestie or husband? Candles and a good book for my friends. To me that says luxury.

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Starling Jewelry

Ethically produced and transparently priced fine jewelry and crafted from responsibly sourced precious metals and gems in Downtown Los Angeles. Starling Jewelry has become our latest obsession and our new favorite affordable go to gift for all our family and friends. 

Starling is Chelsey and Tracy’s vision for timeless and affordable fine jewelry without the standard markups. It’s jewelry they want to wear, and invest in for their children, too.

We sat down with Starling's founders, Tracy Burnett and Chelsey Bartrum, to find out what inspired them to launch their brand and take on a transparent business model, what their biggest challenges are running their own business and their favorite go to gifts for everyone in their family. 

Starling Jewelry
Starling Jewelry

How did you launch your brand? Tracy & Chelsey: We created the idea of Starling over a brunch in the valley almost three years ago and still feel like we are launching! But over that brunch we discovered we were both at places in our lives were we had been working for other people/companies for long enough and wanted to do something that was ours. Tracy has worked in large scale accessories manufacturing for amaing brands like, Micheal Kors, Tracey Reese and Pam & Gela, and Chelsey for high end jewelry designers and manufactures everything from couture to costume. We wanted to combine our two paths of high quality handcrafted jewelry and large scale manufacturing by using the direct to consumer model of other online only companies.

What inspires you? Tracy: My daughter Olive. She is so positive and optimistic, two things I am trying to be more of every day! One time around Christmas, after picking her up from school, there was this giant truck blocking her favorite decorated Christmas tree. I was disappointed and expected her to be as well (and prepping for a toddler meltdown), but instead she said, “Silly truck! It’s okay Mom, maybe it won’t be there tomorrow!”  It was a moment that clearly stuck with me and inspires me everyday to look at the bright side of things. Chelsey: I love being around and learning from passionate people that are so into what they do, study or make. And mother nature always!

Starling Jewelry

Favorite Brands? Tracy: True Botanicals an amazing skincare line that we just discovered and are seriously already obsessed ­ it makes your skin so dewy! For clothes Ulla Johnson and Madewell are my favorites. Chelsey: Muji for trying to keep organized and live with less stuff. Amo jeans.

Biggest Challenge of running your business? Chelsey: There are no short cuts. Building a successful business takes time and perseverance, and we are still learning to trust our instincts. Tracy: Wearing every hat from product to marketing to finance is challenging but also exciting. It makes everyday a learning experience and constantly keeps us on our toes!

Best advice you've ever been given? Tracy: Always approach challenges from a problem solving perspective. Ask what you can do to help, instead of placing blame on other people. Chelsey: Someone once told me to get up each day without thinking. It was right after I graduated college and it seemed revolutionary at the time, to never hit snooze or spend one second fretting about the day in bed and just get up and take it on. It’s still my goal every morning!

What app changed your life? Tracy: Unroll Me! It cleans up your inbox so fast and has streamlined my entire life!  Chelsey: Google Maps ... maybe lame but I would be pretty lost without it.... literally

One tip? Tracy: Don’t stress about stuff, it all works out in the end! Chelsey: Go towards the uncomfortable, don’t hide from it. It forces you to grow and learn.

Your biggest aha moment? Tracy & Chelsey: Starting Starling! Realizing we could create our own dream and didn’t have to continue working for other people. 

Starling Jewelry

Happiness is? Tracy: Enjoying an iced latte by myself. Chelsey: No traffic and pancake breakfast with my family 

Favorite go to gift for your kids, bestie or husband?  Tracy: Babies and little ones­ I love Jellycat Stuffed Animals. They are the softest and cutest­ perfect for new babies as a lovey.  Toddlers: My toddler was just gifted a pair of Unicorn Vans for her birthday that we are all obsessed with. These are my now my new go to gift for kids this spring! Bestie: Girl time with a manicure at TenOverTen, or our new diamond stud earrings. Both are simple luxuries that are always appreciated!  Hubby:­ vintage Lego sets. Always a hit with him (and with our daughter!) They love to build together.

Chelsey: Hubby: He’s a writer so I finding him nice pen’s and notebooks. ­ I love these pressed cotton ones from Postalco and these pens for sketching.

Bestie: Coveted Things Blankets ­ I just got Tracy the “shit just got real” for her second babe. Tracy Tanner Pouches such a fun gift, that is so versatile and she makes the coolest patterns.

And not surprisingly but I love to gift jewelry! The Starling Personalized Bracelet with a single or double initial is my favorite for new moms or brides.




Modern, contemporary and beautifully crafted organic swaddle scarves, Coveted Things is a contemporary children's brand you MUST know about. When founder Meridith Layne created her brand it was out of a desire to combine her modern design aesthetic with functionality and the belief that being a parent does not mean sacrificing personal style.  She found it surprising that there were no contemporary blankets in the market place that parents could love as much as their babies, and wanted to create a unique product for creative parents looking for something more. These beautifully crafted swaddle scarves are made with high quality super soft GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with non toxic inks.  Their Swaddle Scarves are created to get softer and more lovable over time.  

We were honored when Meridith agreed to be featured on our site. We sat down with her to learn more about her brand, what inspired her to start her company and what inspires her today and the challenges of running her own business while being a full time mom with no nanny and no family close by.  She is one inspiring Mama and we couldn't be more proud to feature her brand on our site! And these adorable swaddle blankets have become our GO TO GIFT for all our friends and family expecting babies this spring.  

How did you launch your brand? I worked in the apparel industry for years before I had children, designing private label contemporary lines for many retailers including Urban Outfitters, Delias, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc.  When Stella was born in 2011, I decided to leave my career to stay home with her.  We don’t have family in LA, and I just couldn’t stand the thought of not being with her all day.  After a few months I began to feel antsy, and needed to find a creative outlet.  During that time, there really were no contemporary items in the baby industry.  Everything was very ‘cutsy’.  It was so hard to find anything baby related that had a modern or minimal feel.  I had a ‘light bulb’ moment, realizing that I could take from my previous life and develop something that could fit into my current life.  Instagram was just starting to take off at that time, and I thought it would be funny to create swaddles with large scale prints that parents would want to take pictures of their babies on and post.  Voila, Coveted Things was born!  I started with nothing, just an idea and have navigated my way through this crazy entrepreneurial maze with a lot of hard work, sacrifices, tears, sweat, exhaustion, you name it, I’ve been through it!


What inspires you? I am a true believer that everyone has not only a story, but an interesting story.  I am fascinated and inspired by the paths that bring people to their current situations.  We started having mamas (and hopefully dads soon) take over our instagram account about every other weekend.  It has been fun for me to sit back and watch their stories unfold along with everyone else. 

Favorite Brands? In my dreams, you will only catch me in lovely flowing Zimmerman dresses. However when I wake up, you will usually find me in Madewell jeans, and a woven zara top.  

Biggest Challenge of running your business? Balancing everything, making sure everything and everyone gets enough attention and focus.  I think that is just motherhood in general though.

How has motherhood changed your perspective on running your own business? I started my business after my first daughter was born, so motherhood and owning my business have always gone hand in hand.  I think when you have a child, you find this crazy inner drive.  Nothing will stop you from doing whatever it takes to be successful for your children.

What app changed your life?  Amazon prime now.  Once I had a toaster delivered to my door at 10 pm using that app.  All the play dough dried up?  No problem, 25 new play dough containers will arrive at your door in less than 2 hours!  I don’t have nannies or family to help, so my kids are always with me, when they aren’t at preschool.  Sometimes you need 25 containers of play doh to arrive at 10 am just to answer a few emails.  I wish it had been around when my girls were babies, it would have been so helpful!

One tip? Take a second to be thankful for what you have every single day.   At the beginning of this year, I started writing down one thing every day that made me happy.  I titled it ‘2017- A year of good things’.  It has been great, because so many little things that have brought me joy would have gotten lost in time, and now I can look back, smile at them, and enjoy that moment all over again.  

Your biggest aha moment? (see my first question) 


Happiness is? Baby weight.  Not the leftover pounds after having had a baby, but the actual weight of a baby asleep on your chest or in your arms.   There is no greater feeling in this world than baby weight.

Favorite go to gift for your kids, bestie or husband? I love Michael Shield’s ariel photographs of LA.  We have a few blown up huge in our house.  This would be a great gift for any LA loving friends.  - MICHAEL SHIELDS

Gifts for Friends that always make me happy are these LE LABO CANDLES- This is one of my most favorite scents 

I have this set of wind chimes, and I’m telling you it is the most perfect sound ever.  I am obsessed with them. - CHIMES

This blush coffee cup - COFFEE CUP

I’ve given so many people this book, I love it - BOOK

Love these handmade soaps that are inspired by classic literature - SOAPS

I recently bought this book for my girls who are 3 and 5 and we read a few of the stories at night before bed.  I am learning so much along with them.  I like to read them stories about strong, intelligent, fearless women. - BOOKS

My girls are a little old for this now, but there is something about stacking blocks on pegs that is so calming for kids.  They go to a Montessori preschool, and very minimal, simple activities are a big part of the Montessori philosophy. - BLOCKS

My best gift for a new mom would be our ‘shit just got real’ blanket.  I always say that it is sort of like sending a bat signal to a new mom that you get it, you know what she is going through, and she is not alone.  - BLANKET

Husband-  My husband is pretty minimal, he doesn’t like a lot of ‘stuff’, so I usually buy him interesting design books or magazines.  We both grew up big fans of design/ art/ music magazines, so that carries with us to this day.  We actually started dating 14 years ago when we both worked for the Fader magazine. He would also enjoy a bottle of WHISKEY

When the kids go to bed, we like to make fun drinks for each other, so something like this would be fun - COCKTAIL SUBSCRIPTION



Brands We Love - IZZY AND FERD

izzy and ferd logo


Story telling is one of their favorite past times and they created this brand to do just that. Imagine if your clothes could talk.. that's what Joe and Cindy did when they went out to create Izzy and Ferd. Whimsical, fun, creative and cozy, this brand has become one of our favorites. 

We originally met Cindy and Joe when they hosted their first ever Los Angeles playdate. Cindy greeted us at the Tiny Town Trains in Griffith Park and lets just say it was one of our favorite play dates ever. She handed us a little bag with train facts, delicious cookies and a Choo Choo whistle that we have been playing with ever since. As a family, we love to explore Los Angeles, but for some reason we have never been to this part of Griffith Park so the kids were delighted to enjoy a new spot catered towards exploring trains, riding trains and touching all things related in this old train yard. It was a match made in kid heaven. 

We were honored when Cindy and Joe agreed to be featured on our site. We sat down with them to learn more about their brand, what inspires their collections and to find out other amazing places to explore in Los Angeles. 

How did you launch Izzy & Ferd? Where does the name come from? We launched Izzy & Ferd (I.F.) in Fall of 2014 a year after we had our first child.  We founded Izzy & Ferd because we believe in the power of clothes to tell stories. Stories about who we are and who we want to be. It is our mission to inspire kids to go out and explore the world. Through our textile design, our kidswear collections become portals to real and imagined worlds.


A  famous voyage inspired the name. We named Izzy & Ferd after Queen Isabella  and King Ferdinand of Spain. Sponsoring the first voyages to the New World, their intrepid explorers asked “What if?” and found the Americas.

We kind of love that the initials to Izzy and Ferd is “I” and “F”. Together the initials spell “if”.  The word “if” looms with such possibility. That’s what we want Izzy & Ferd to represent. Possiblity.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your line/what inspires you? Childhood curiosity.  A well loved book. History. Science. The men and women who make a difference in little and big ways.  We want to tell stories that inspire children to explore and to dream the impossible. And we do that by reimagining stories of discovery and adventure through our textile design. 

What do you love about your work? Besides reliving our childhood? We love that we have the opportunity to learn new things and to share these things with a generation of kids.  We love that our clothes become well loved sidekicks who go on to have grand adventures with their new friends. What gnomes and fairies will they meet together? Will they discover sunken treasure deep in Atlantis?  We especially love that our clothes get to help form a child’s sense of identity.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned as you run your business? There is no such thing as being too detailed oriented.  Managing production, inventory, accounting, forecasting, etc. None of this sounds particularly exciting, but being able to manage the details in these areas of our business has been imperative to the growth of our business. 

Did you know you always wanted to be in kids fashion? Not exactly.  Although, if history were to repeat itself, we shouldn’t be surprised that we wanted to do something creative.  My grandfather was a tailor who used to design beautifully tailored men and women’s clothing.  Joe’s great grandmother was a famous painter.  We both knew that we wanted to do something creative and we both had a passion for storytelling. Izzy & Ferd is a perfect marriage of the two.  Our children became the spark that ignited the idea and transformed it from a concept to a business.  In truth, our children made us braver. We wanted them to be inspired to pursue their own dreams. What better way than to lead by example?

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? In 3-5 years, we hope to expand our collections and enter new product categories like accessories. We’d also like to introduce new collections based on stories that we’ve created. 

Most treasured item your own? Family photos. Even now, as we look back on the baby pictures of our kids, we can detect changes in their faces.  Our family photos mark the passage of time. Looking back in fond remembrance brings so much joy.

Happiness is? For happiness is anyone and anything at all that’s loved by you.  Ok… this quote is from “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”, but the sentiment holds true for us.

What are your favorite brands? Schleich, Miller Goodman and Monroe Workshops.  Our kids have gotten hours of play with their Schleich dinosaurs , Miller Goodman PlayShapes, and Monroe Workshop wooden animals.


Where is your favorite place to travel? Spain and Vietnam. We hope to take the kids in a couple of years.

Heritage is a big thing for us. It helps us feel rooted in our identity and to our history.  Joe’s family came from Spain and mine from Vietnam. We had the opportunity to visit both countries early on in our marriage.

We loved wandering the streets of Toledo, Spain looking for hand painted ceramica and wooden carvings of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. We brought a Don Quixote and a Sancho Panza wooden sculpture home. They sit on our bookshelf at home and remind us of our time in Spain.  We like to think of them as little patrons who remind us that it is ok to dream.

As for Vietnam, our trip to Nha Trang, Vietnam will always be vividly impressed in our mind. The lush ripe fruits that we would have for breakfast. The picturesque beaches and the chaos of motorcyclists driving all which way. These things can only be experienced in person.

What is your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles? Eat. We love exploring all of the new restaurants that pop up in Los Angeles. Gjelina and Bay Cities Italian Deli remain favorites.

We love how much you explore LA, any great places you recommend? There are so many places to choose from. We love the Huntington Library, the Kidspace Children’s Museum, and the Griffith Observatory.  If you go to the Griffith Observatory, get tickets to the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.  Check for designated show times if you’re kids are under 5. Take them. It is well worth it.



Izzy and Ferd Founders

We founded Izzy & Ferd because we believe in the power of clothes to tell stories. Stories about who we are and who we want to be. It is our mission to inspire kids to go out and explore the world. Through our textile design, our kidswear collections become portals to real and imagined worlds. Each season we embark on a new journey.

Our designs spur your little explorer to ask “What I.F.?” What if I traveled the Silk Road in a camel caravan, surrounded by brocades of silk, and painted pottery? What if I entered the great city of Xi’an, and saw the earthen faces of the Terracotta Army?

Some day, when they strike out on their own, our children will wonder what they are capable of. And then they will remember our stories.

We design clothes that are comfortable and able to withstand any journey. The last thing your little explorer needs to worry about is tripping over his pant legs.

Adventuring and exploring can sometimes be a dirty business. That’s why our clothes are 100% machine washable. When the inevitable happens, just toss our clothes in the wash.


Our clothes are proudly designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, USA.  We believe in supporting the community where we live, work, and play. We know our suppliers on a first name basis and take care to be involved in the entire design and production process. We're proud of our clothes, how they're made, and the people who make them.




Photos by Nicki Sebastian @nickisebastian




Fun, whimsical, inspiring, with each season telling a story and taking you on a journey through designer Kristin Nystrom's characters. Gardner and The Gang is one cool clothing line you MUST know about.  All garments are super soft, super cozy and extremely fun and playful. 

We were HONORED when Kristin Nystrom, the owner and founder of Gardner and the Gang spent time across the country to answer our questions and give us an inside look into her brand and the excitement of what's to come next season. 

Gardner and the Gang

How did you launch your brand Gardner and the Gang? We launched the brand in 2012 inspired by my daughter in a combination with my huge interest in fashion and illustration.

Where did you learn to draw and create your prints? I went to art school in Singapore. Raffles Design Institute.

What inspires you? People and Life

Favorite brands? For Children: Christina Rhode, Hugo Loves Tiki, Caroline Bosmans.  For Me: Gucci, AcneStudios, Bow Label, Ganni, Vintage Levis 501( obsessed) 

Favorite place to travel? I love New York but for Beaches I think I choose somewhere in the indian ocean.

I know you’ve lived in a few places, what has been your favorite place?   Looking back I have picked great memories from all places and feel extremely grateful for the privilege it is to have experienced many different cultures. I lived in Singapore for 9 years and just moved. South east Asia is quite something and will always be in my heart.

Biggest challenge you’ve run into running your own business? Self doubt

Gardner and the Gang

Any advice for anyone looking to launch their own brand? If you have an idea you feel is solid, - go for it 100%  ( and believe)

How has motherhood changed your prospective on your business? I was always a mother while having my business. But I think my way of looking at my business keeps changing as I grow and mature. I feel more relaxed in some ways and more aware and stressed in others.

Did becoming a mother change your perspective on the world? I used to be very carefree and unafraid. This has somewhat changed and I feel being a mother has made me more careful and aware of the preciousness of life.

What app most changed your life? Instagram ( haha)

One tip: Do one thing every day that scares you.

We are obsessed with your latest collaboration with Jamie King, The Lion Heart, how did that come about? Thank you!  We mutually created this collection with lots and lots of love and passion and it truly means a lot to us both. Jamie and I became friends on Instagram and started to discuss a possible collaboration that came to life in 2016.

One item you can’t live without? It would definitely be a lot harder without my Asthma Inhaler.

Favorite go to gift for your kids and bestie? An experience that we do together. Memories are the best gifts.

We cant’ wait to see what you have in store next.. any fun insights? For this year there are a few really exciting new projects in the pipeline.  For now all I can say is please keep us on your radar, we will soon reveal the first step ;) 


Gardner and the Gang Lion Heart
Gardner and the Gang
Gardner and the Gang wall

About Gardner and the Gang

Gardner and the Gang©is a children's clothing  line by  Kristin Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore. All garments are super soft,comfy and play friendly with a high dose of fashion.

Kristin draws all prints and makes characters that all have a story to tell. We love to come up with different themes for each range, ones that children and parents alike can relate to and fall in love with. Our original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed on organic cotton.



Brands We Love - BERU KIDS

Beru Kids Logo


Bold, beautifully crafted, with locally sourced fabric, Beru Kids is one clothing line you MUST know about. After personally spending years in retail and merchandising, it's refreshing to find a brand that is helping to recycle and repurpose surplus fabrics, known as dead stock fabric.  This brand is focused on sustainability and making sure they know exactly where their cotton has been sourced. Their clothing is soft, durable and our kids have become huge fans.  This is one brand that their core values are creativity, passion and loyalty, all values we believe in and trust when we shop for our kids clothes.

We recently spent an afternoon with Sofia Melograno, the owner and founder of Beru Kids to get an inside look into her brand and what inspired her to start her clothing line.  Let's just say, we left completely inspired and grateful that there are people in the world like Sofia. She's kind, smart and is always smiling. We know she's invested in our kids future and making sure she's helping the environment with every thing she does.  

How did you launch your line Beru kids? I originally decided that I wanted to start a clothing line after living and working in sub-Saharan Africa in non-profits focused on poverty reduction initiatives. I was originally very much inspired by the beautiful textiles and colors used in all of the local garments. I then met a woman in Tanzania who started a sewing cooperative to employ women who were living with HIV/AIDS and it was my first glimpse into the world of ethical fashion and fashion initiatives making a positive impact. I sat with the idea of starting a kids line that was ethically and sustainably made and ended up moving to Los Angeles to pursue the line. That was 2 years ago. It’s been a whirlwind since then!

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? I feel like what I wanted to be changed weekly as a kid. I did want to be a filmmaker for a while. I always knew I wanted to work in a creative industry. 

What do you love about your work? The creativity aspect is by far my favorite part of my job. I love designing and developing the garments and seeing the entire line come to life. It’s also a blast working with kids. We have fit models in our studio weekly and they make my job so much more fun. 


What is the biggest lesson you've learned as you run your business? My life lesson list is growing everyday. As female entrepreneur I have to stand my ground quite often. I’ve had to learn how to stand up for myself and not feel bad or worry about hurting people’s feelings. It’s purely business and doesn’t need to include emotions. The other big lesson I learned is to hire people who have very different experience and expertise. You have to be on the same page about the vision of your company but the people who work with and hire need to fill in the gaps that are your weaknesses. 

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? I definitely want to keep growing and scaling Beru Kids but I also can’t wait to become a mom myself. I’m around kids all the time and I can’t wait for that next chapter. I’m also excited to see if my design aesthetic changes once I have kids…also, it would be great to have a fit model available all the time ;)

What inspires you? I get a lot of my ideas for design from when I travel. I draw a lot of inspiration from textiles and goodies I find when I’m in a new city or country. Some of my first collections with Beru Kids had a definite African feel in terms of prints and color. At the moment, I’m loving neutrals and being drawn to a more contemporary aesthetic which I think I attribute to the amount of time I’ve been spending in NYC for work lately. I used to live in NYC and I miss the energy and accessibility of living there.

Most treasured item you own? I own a floral Osh Kosh denim jacket from when I was 4 that my late grandparents gave me. It still sits in my closet. I can’t wait until I (hopefully) have a daughter who can wear it. 

Happiness is…a choice you make daily. 

 Favorite brands: Vince, Reformation, Rag and Bone, Frankie’s bikinis, La Perla, Joie, Patagonia

Favorite place to travel? Greece, Italy, Spain, ANYWHERE. I have the travel bug. I’m always up to travel. 

What does your week look like? What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends? I split my time between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara so I usually drive down to LA on early Tuesday morning and work in our office near Silver Lake Tuesday-Thursday evening. I work from Santa Barbara on Mondays and Fridays.  I try to be super active on the weekends and be outside as much as possible in Santa Barbara. I love going to the gym and hiking. We also live near wine country so occasionally we’ll drive up to the vineyards for the afternoon. We also have a French bulldog named Pierre so we take him to the beach every weekend.

Sofia was recently featured in Forbes to discuss how she came to launch Beru Kids.. click here to read more



About BERU:

Beru is an ethically made children's clothing company locally-crafting soft, durable styles for kids. All of our limited-quantity garments are created in partner factories in downtown Los Angeles using sustainable methods and materials. We are committed to having a zero waste output, to reduce the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. Our acutely close connection to the supply chain allows us to produce beautiful, original clothing consciously. We aim to inspire and uphold pure, positive practices that propel fashion forward without leaving any footprints.

Beru does not cut corners for the sake of costs. We take our time searching through thousands of rolls of leftover fabrics to upcycle into our speciality deadstock garments. The fashion industry is the second largest offender of waste, and we are committed to producing responsibly and not creating any more. To combat our nation's propensity for overconsumption, we produce in limited quantities, which also means not overwhelming our garment workers.

At Beru Kids we like to keep things local so we source all of our raw materials from Los Angeles. We love LA and we do what we can to support the local economy.