Colorado Wedding Company - Guest Gifters


The owners of Colorado Wedding Company

cc and paige

Why we asked them to be Guest Gifters...

We've known Paige and CC since college and any one who knows them would agree that if you want something done perfect and you want it done fabulous these are the girls to call! CC and Paige started their business over 12 years ago with just the two of them. They've inspired us with their tenacity, hard work and drive to make this company successful. 

In addition to our love for them as people, being in the wedding business this long kind of makes them experts on the topic! So it only felt natural to ask them about what to buy for engagement and wedding gifts... so we did!

More about the company....

We created Colorado Wedding Company, LLC because of our passion for event management and our love of weddings. Our team has over 30 years of experience in wedding planning, event management, public relations, marketing, sales, volunteer management and corporate event planning. All of the skills acquired from these roles have created passionate women with an ability to manage multiple tasks and give 100% at all times. We have a strong fervor for detail combined with our focus on the design of a beautiful, elegant event. We know this is one of the most important days of your life, and you need to hire a wedding planning company whom you trust and respect AND who allows you to have a great time during your wedding planning! 

 No matter where you want to have your wedding…be it the mountains, a private home, the beach or a ballroom we are here to help make it fabulous. We take pride in making your dream of the “perfect day” into a reality.

CWC's weddings have proudly been featured in Town and Country Weddings, Inside Weddings, TheKnot, Reign Magazine, Style Me Pretty and many more.

Their 10 picks for the best Wedding and Engagement gifts...


GET THESE GIFTS:  1. vase | 2. mixer | 3. champage bucket | 4. bowl | 5. pitcher | 6. cheese board | 7. cheese knifes | 8. bowl | 9. frame | 10.cake and knife server