Alkalign Studio - Erin Paruszewski - Guest Gifter

Meet Erin Paruszewski 

The founder and CEO of Alkalign Studios.


Why we asked Erin to be Guest Gifter...

We are completely inspired by Erin's determination to get people back in balance in order to live happier and healthier lives. The three pillars of her company are strengthen, align and nourish! 

Erin is an exercise enthusiast but also happens to be super passionate about gift giving.

SO ARE WE! Match made in heaven. 

She sets out to make it as personal as possible. So we asked her to tell us about her go-to faves. As you can see from her picks, some are fitness related and others are things that NOURISH people inside and out. 

More about the company


We all have the power to change our lives, and Alkalign provides the tools that make it happen. Alkalign is built on the steadfast belief that balance is the foundation for life. Balance is both dynamic and personal. It’s what keeps us grounded and what challenges us to push our limits. Whether you’re so far from center that life has become unbalanced, or you just need to take small steps to meet your next goal; Alkalign can help you recalibrate from the inside out.

Erin Paruszewski is a balance evangelist. For more than 15 years she has been evolving her own practice alongside her students. Her background as an athlete, dancer and studio owner has brought Erin both personal and professional fulfillment. Being proud of her accomplishments and unafraid to evolve set her on a course to create Alkalign.

Alkalign’s promise is to provide safe and effective workouts, to focus on individuals’ needs in a supportive community, and to help people find a dynamic relationship between strengthening the mind, aligning the body and nourishing the soul.