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Why we asked Leslie to be a Guest Gifter...

We fell in love with Leslie when we first learned of her hilarious site and modern take on motherhood as she shares stories of her experiences as a Mom.  She's funny, witty and always makes me laugh out loud. Her story of her experience of touring and searching for the best preschool in Los Angeles hit too close to home and got us hooked on her stories. I've never laughed and cried so hard.  And while this Mama tells some of the honest stories we all can relate too, she also happens to be one amazing gift giver. 

More about Leslie

 Leslie is a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning entertainment journalist. She’s the creator of online parenting platform Unpacified that offers mamas an unfiltered, honest and humorous take on modern motherhood.  Leslie lives in Laguna Beach with her husband, her daughter and two rescue doodles.

If you don't follow Leslie on Instagram,  check her out  @leslieannebruce

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leslie'S TOP 10 GIFTS


When I’m shopping for children’s gifts, my first stop is always Rose & Rex. Shop owner Allie Klein is not only notorious for her impeccable taste in beautiful children’s toys (that any mom would love to have scattered around her home), she also has a background in early childhood development making her curation of toys age appropriate and with the goal of allowing kids to learn through play!

Lucky Honey Grip Socks

I love when everyday products are made glam, particularly when it means I can be cozy and chic. I spent most of my pregnancy going to barre classes, but hated having to sport those bulky, itchy grip socks…particularly because they didn’t help me feel any less frumpy (and sort of turned me off to the barre world all together). Luckily, this adorable line out of Brooklyn is where fashion meets function. Lucky Honey studio socks are not only the perfect way to spice up a workout, but can also spice up your kicks for weekend brunch!

The World of Peter Rabbit Box Set

As a writer, it’s no surprise that I love gifting books. When it comes to children’s books, I’m a bit of a romantic for the classics and love the idea of books staying with a young person throughout their childhood (I still have my tattered and crayon-colored copy of Where the Wild Things Are). This Beatrix Potter collection is my absolute favorite. It’s so pretty, and looks and feels like something special. I recently added it to my own daughter’s library…but I haven’t let her touch it yet.

Helena Quinn Kimono

I’m obsessed with Helena Quinn’s beautiful robes! Her silk kimonos are the perfect gift for just about every woman who wants to feel comfy and sexy, but I especially love them for new mamas who end up spending most of those early newborn days at home. 

Lauren Conrad Celebrate

[Shameless plug] I had the pleasure of working on this event planning book, and I learned SO much about the art of “celebrating.” It’s an amazing resource for inspiration and ideas for how to plan a Pinterest-worthy fete!

Every second person swears that he or she knows the best smelling candle, but literally every single one of them are wrong (unless they agree with me). You have not lived until you’ve experienced Maison Louis Marie No. 4. There’s really nothing else to say.

The Little Market Pom Pom Beach Bag

The Little Market is one of my favorite companies, not only because I personally adore the co-founders, but also because I am a huge supporter of the company’s mission. TLM empowers female artisans around the world by offering them a platform to sell their beautiful, handcrafted goods and thereby helping these women create a better quality of life for themselves and their communities. I’m currently swooning over the gorgeous collection of summer beachbags!

Ariel Gordon “Name-It” Stud

Every since having a baby, I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed or personalized. After my daughter was born, my husband gave me a rose gold earring that spelled “LU,” and I have worn it every day since.  Ariel Gordon’s collection of personalized jewelry is, in my opinion, the best around. It’s elegant, feminine, solid and unique…just like the ladies its made for!


Men’s Shiseido Total Revitalizer Moisturizer

Whether this is my curse or my fortune, I'm still not certain, but I am surrounded by men who enjoy themselves some beauty products (although most of them are waaaaaayyy to macho to admit it). All jokes aside, living in Southern California means that most of us spend a lot of time in the sun, but I’ve found that many guys aren’t willing to splurge on quality moisturizers and other face products (which makes it a perfect gift!). My current obsession is the men’s line from Shiseido; it’s feels super rich without being too pricey!

Cloth and Twig

I mean, who wouldn’t love a personalized, cheeky cross stich portrait? But don’t be confused: this isn’t your grandmother’s cross stich game! Cloth and Twig nails it by putting a playful twist on the old school craft. It’s the perfect housewarming gift or a sweet way to welcome a new addition to the family. Just be sure to plan ahead…these sort of skills take time.

Custom 4 Character Cross Stitch Family