Meet Sara


Sara Sohn

Why we asked Sara to be a Guest Gifter...

We are completely inspired by Sara's determination to find the perfect balance between being an amazing Mom and her busy career.  Sara defines the "mom boss" in all of us, keeping busy with her kids and finding time to write and vlog about her experiences as a Mom on her amazing site dedicated to all things Mama. 

Sara is a super MAMA but also happens to be super passionate about gift giving.

SO ARE WE! Match made in heaven. 

Check out her wonderful GIFT PICKS.

More About Sara

Stay at home mom of 2, trying my best to raise joyful kids.  

An advocate for mothers everywhere, specially in Guatemala. 

Between 8:30am and 3:00pm, I cram in vlogs and act.  You can watch me on Netflix's Sense 8 season 1 and season 2 ( season 2 is coming out spring 2017).  

Always learning. Always humble. 

My parents are missionaries in Guatemala. That's where I grew up. The culture and people are dear to my heart. 

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Gifting is such a special way to build relationships with people around you. I usually gift items that I personally love because it is a way to give a part of myself to someone else. 


Essence by Belief. An essential step in nourishing my skin every day

Choker from Gjenmi. Simple but memorable.

Kikory Whiskey. Give wine a break. Whiskey is so smooth.

Gentle Monster X Song of Style Sunglasses. To dress up the mommy yoga pants. 

A printer. This little guy print pictures straight from your phone. 

Mommy and Me matching socks from Pair of Thieves. I can't pull myself together and have the entire family twinning, but matching socks with the kids is easy to do. It's adorable and so much fun! 

Baby Journal by Jacqui Saldana from BabyBoyBakery.  It took me a while to get to the baby journal, but it got done eventually.  I treasure every page.

Carafe Coffee Brewer from Bonavita. Because nothing gets done without coffee. 

These great essential oils

Small Cotton Pouches from Legend of Lido. How I stay organized-one pouch for kids stuff, one pouch for mom stuff, one pouch for just-in-case stuff. 

Great meals delivered to your house and easy to prepare from One Potato