Meet Sarah Michelle



Photo courtesy of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Photo courtesy of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Why we asked Sarah to be a Guest Gifter...

I've known Sarah for sometime. She's genuine, kind and thoughtful in every decision she makes, she remembers everyone's birthday and is the friend you always want around. She's an amazing mom and is focused on raising some of the nicest and most polite kids in the world. She's also an extremely inspiring person and has this remarkable vision for her brand Foodstirs, which we've been obsessed with since they launched.  And she recently released her own cookbook, Stirring Up Fun with Food, that we can't get enough of. Her asparagus fries and her pancake muffins are just a few of our household favorites.

Sarah also happens to be one amazing gift giver, which is why we asked her to pick her favorite Mother's Day gifts. 



Stirring Up Fun With Food and Foodstirs

Not just a gift for Mom, but for the entire family. What better way to spend quality time with your loved ones, then in the kitchen cooking up delicious treats (not to mention knowing you will be using only the best ingredients). And seriously who doesn't love all things rainbow??

Tata Harper

I am obsessed with this 100 percent all natural and organic skin care line. Not only has my skin never looked better, but the smells alone make me feel like I just visited the most luxurious spa.

Perverse Sunglasses

I'm always looking for a great pair of sunglasses.  I love Perverse because not only are they super trendy but they won’t break the bank and they have so many wonderful options. 

Draper James Stripe Straw Tote

The Mary Poppins bag is not a myth y’all. I love this tote because I can fit everything I could ever need in it and it's perfect for the summer.

Aldo Stessy K Shoe

It's like getting a kiss every time you wear these. I can’t help but smile when I see them.

Rebecca Taylor Blouse

Anything Rebecca Taylor. This blouse can be dressed up or paired with jeans. I'm obsessed. 


Kim Crawford Rose

Summer is around the corner , it's nice to enjoy a little rose. 

Bandolier iPhone Case

Since I'm always on the go, this iPhone case is perfect. I can carry my phone, ID and credit card. Isn't that all a girl needs?


Sweaty Betty Leggings

These are the best leggings for yoga or pilates.

Shoshanna Swim Suit

Shoshanna mother daughter matching bathing suits,  I just can't get over how cute these are!!! And nobody makes bathing suits better for all body types than Shoshanna.

plum print


I love all my kids artwork but sometimes it's hard to figure out where I will hang all of it. Plumprint has made this so easy for me.  All I have to do is gather all the loose art work and put in the already labeled box and ship it off and they will send you the most beautiful coffee table book of your little artists pieces.