Meet Nadine



Why we asked Nadine to be a Guest Gifter...

We are completely inspired by Nadine's determination to find the perfect balance between being an amazing Mom and her busy career.  The co-founder of the super cool, chic and gorgeous non toxic nail salon, TenOverTen, this Mama has an eye for beautiful esthetics.  She, along with her partner, Adair Ilyinsky, are on a mission to provide you with the best nail service and experience when you walk into one of their salons. Their spaces are beautiful and serene, the polishes run non-toxic (they even carry their own rainbow full of non toxic nail polishes), the nail jobs are thorough and perfect and you can book services online!  With 6 locations including New York, Texas and now Los Angeles, Nadine is one busy mom.  

Nadine is one major super MAMA but is also thoughtful and passionate about gift gifting. 

Check out her wonderful GIFT PICKS.. a few we've already gifted for friends and ourselves!

To learn more about her salon or book an appointment, head to

They also provide some gorgeous gift, shop, done.






For new moms an embroidered sleep sack from DeBuci Baby





Beautiful Coffee Table Book : The Seaside House, Living by The Water


Meet Samantha


Why we asked Sam to be a Guest Gifter....

While I've only known Sam for a little over a year, I feel like I've known her for so much longer. She's witty, always smiling and is that friend you can count on at any moment.  She's multitasking a million things (always), including being a wonderful mom to her two young kids. She's thoughtful, kind and has a great eye for some of the best gifts.  She's been such an inspiration to me as she's always seeking new adventures and finding new places we can dine and shop in Los Angeles.  She also has some of the best MOMMY Hacks EVER.

Check them out HERE AND HERE


Samantha is an Actress, Writer and Content Creator. Oh and she claims she can beat almost anyone at Tennis. (she was a top ranked Canadian junior back in the day). 

She currently resides in Venice, CA with her husband, dog, and two adorable boys, Ryder and Asher. 

As an actress Sam has appeared in numerous feature films and TV shows both in Canada and the US. She has performed on numerous stages including LA’s UCB Improv Stage.

Samantha was just recently nominated as Best Actress in Comedy at LA Web Fest, for her appearance in Season 2 of Dogs & Me . Samantha has also recently appeared in a few shows for Awestruck Network

She is also currently working with Nylon Magazine, creating digital content and appearing in their videos.

Samantha is making a name for herself in the “mom” space, creating comedy content and style content geared at to the millennial mom.

You might have recently seen Sam in commercials for Toyota Prius, DSW and Comcast or in print ads for Sony and Belly Bandit.



Meet Alyse Levine

LA'S #1 Nutrionist and founder of Nutritionbite

Why we asked Alyse to be a Guest Gifter...

I met Alyse 3 years ago at the park. She was pregnant with her third child and looked absolutely amazing. She was calm, glowing and extremely patient with her kids.  While our kids wanted nothing to do with each other, we had an entire hour worth of mom stuff to discuss. It was then that I knew Alyse would be a good friend. Over the past few years we would run into each other randomly at the farmers market, at the park or other kid friendly places until the first day of kindergarten when we showed up to realize our kids were in the same class. After that first day of class, tears running down our faces as our little ones turned into big ones, I realized that Alyse is that friend you always want around. She's kind, generous and calm.. and can get you out of that funk regardless of your situation.  

Alyse is on a MISSION.  She wants to make you feel good about yourself and about your eating decisions without making you feel deprived and hungry.  She's thoughtful about her practice and focuses on helping you change your mindset about how you approach food.

Alyse is ALSO thoughtful and passionate about gift gifting.  So we asked her to tell us about her favorite go to gifts.  



Alyse Levine M.S., R.D. is the founder of Nutritionbite LLC, a nutrition consulting practice in Los Angeles. Alyse’s philosophy frees people from the ineffective diet mindset so they can get back in tune with their body’s natural rhythms, and achieve a healthy relationship with food and their body.  

She helps her clients to reconnect with their body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction and empowers them to eat what they love through her eating CLEAN principles:

She defines eating CLEAN as:

Choosing Real Foods

Losing the "off-limits" stressful diet mindset

Eating mindfully

Assessing hunger

No deprivation

She provides private nutrition counseling to promote general wellness and treats a wide range of nutrition-related diseases. Alyse is also the creator of Eating Reset - a comprehensive, multimedia online program that teaches her unique approach to healthy, sustainable weight management, right from the comfort of your own home!