Meet Abbie

Journalist and Creator/Founder of Sockabu


Why we asked Abbie to be a Guest Gifter...

Abbie, our latest mom crush; is one inspiring mama. This super talented, award winning broadcast journalist and extremely kind mama is determined to bounce back from a business dilemma that made her stronger, more fierce and ready to launch the most cozy, comfortable and practical socks for kids!  Sockabu socks are special “flip” socks that allow kids to cover their toes for warmth, then uncover their toes when they need extra traction for running around.  

More about Abbie

As a two-time National Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist of 17 years, Abbie Boudreau has mastered the art of telling other people's stories, as a trend and celebrity correspondent at ABC News' Good Morning America and Nightline.  After discovering live-streaming online, Abbie now holds the power of a news network in the palm of her hand - from her iPhone. LIVE, UNFILTERED & UNEDITED.  In addition to Abbie's ABC News reporting and @AbbieLive live-streaming, she is the creator of her new children’s sock company, Sockabu.  Sockabu socks are patented and made in America.   To learn more about her Sockabu socks and her kickstarter campaign click HERE.

Abbie is a super MAMA but also happens to be super passionate about gift giving.

She has a great eye for hand picking some thoughtful gifts and we are so excited to share her GIFT PICKS. 

Check out her top picks below. 






(sock OBSESSION) SOCKABU Flip socks for kids- sockabu

Favorite at-home candle - Mad et Len


(Must-have mommy organizer) LIFE PLANNERS - ERIN CONDREN



(BEST GIFT) Intent bracelets - What’s Your Word

(BEST guilty pleasure) Laduree Box of Macarons - Laduree 



(A perfect go-to for busy women) Beauty Box Anti Aging System - Sonya Dakar


Game changer for naturally LONGER LASHES - Grande Lash MD

(Fun and unexpected — but an awesome gift!) Shhhower Cap




Feather your brows, or get a Lash Lift — The Streicher sisters are THE BEST - Strike Gift card