Meet Rachel

FOUNDER of Rockets of Awesome

Rachel Blumenthal Rockets of Awesome

Why we asked Rachel to be a Guest Gifter...

Let's just say that Rachel has an eye for selecting the best of the best.  We fell in love with Rachel when we become completely obsessed with her company Rockets of Awesome. While we were fans of her previous venture, Crickets Circle, our littles had already out grown the infant stage and it was only a platform for ideas for our friends having babies. When she launched Rockets of Awesome, our lives changed! A box of stylish, on trend and adorable kids clothes selected just for us sent four times a year to our house.  AMEN. We keep what we love (usually the entire box) and send back what we don't love. The enthusiasm for the clothes in our house has made us such major fans of this brand, that lately we end up going back and ordering multiples in different colors. It's that GOOD. 

Rachel's vision to grow her brand while balancing motherhood has us inspired to continue to strive for all the best in our own life. 

She is the epitome of an entrepreneur and super mama but she also happens to be passionate for gift giving. 

Check out her wonderful GIFT PICKS.. a few we've already gifted for friends and ourselves!





Edie Parker's lucite trays made from glitter lucite are so much fun - plus they always have cheeky sayings.

Engagement gift

Hill House Home Mini Briar Shams are the best gift ever. I always personalize with "my side", "your side" and add in Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears for fun.

Baby girl gift

All new baby girls receive these Lex & Liv Neon Pink Booties from me. If you say please, they'll emboss them with whatever you want - I always go with initials on the bottom sole.

Baby boy gift

Baby boys receive custom NIKEiD Sneakers. I like to put something other than their full name on the shoe - nickname, initials, last name.

Kids Birthdays
Our Rockets of Awesome silver bomber jacket, with limited edition patches and pins to customize, is the perfect gift for every cool kid in your life. 

Friend Birthdays

I always send enormous silver mylar balloons from Balloon Saloon that spell out my friend's name (i.e. RACHEL)

Team Birthdays

We always tie a giant mylar balloon in a unique design (Unicorn, Watermelon, Flamingo, etc) that best represents that team member. They also receive their favorite candy in abundance (think an insanely oversized bag of Swedish Fish). We like buying the balloons from this Etsy seller.

When Your BFF is Sick

Do cookie dough of course!

Mother's Day

A day at TenOverTen, the best NYC nail salon, and flowers from Belle Fleur

Father's Day

I always send my dad an offensive amount of food from Zabars - lox, bagels, schmear, rugelach, rye bread, pastrami, coleslaw and pickles. And a new pair of Warby Parker sunnies to help him look cooler. 


Shoe shopping at Bergdorf Goodman - these are my most recent ridiculous purchase, and an hour long foot massage at this super sketchy place on 8th street between 5th and 6th that my very chic and credible friend Eva introduced me to.